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  • Raghu Lakshminaarayanan


Choosing a Wedding Photographer has undergone a great metamorphosis. Gone are the days when every family had an ‘Aaasthaana’ family photographer [ like the family doctor ] who was present at all family functions and went about his work without much ado since he was familiar about the lineage of the family and its societal connections.

What he delivered was accepted and not much thought was given to it. Current day choosing a Wedding Photographer is a far cry from it. Each prospective customer or someone in the family is a photographer of sorts familiar with the jargons like candid, close – ups, light room, Photoshop, RAW images, lenses etc. ready to opine on various aspects of the art.

A lot of tact is required in connecting with the clients & to understand their expectations on choosing a wedding photographer

Digitisation has brought with it voluminosity. Both in terms of number of images & choice of equipment.

It has given photographers scope to experiment and learn. While this enables in giving extraordinary images and opportunities for creativity, on the downside it brings along with it the entry of mediocre artists & half baked professionals.

There is always room for correction. One has to just keep clicking images even if you are not confident about your technical prowess. Images can always be corrected later in post processing is the attitude. This is a dangerous trend.

Apart from event documentation we firmly believe that there needs to be drama in every frame and this is to be done in the most natural way. This is where Candid Wedding Photography comes in. Every image / frame must bring with it and convey some story that connects with the viewer. The class of a professional is most evident in these captures. And it is such images that establish a connect with the client and brings them to us.

Most clients want all the best images from various weddings that WE HAVE SHOT to be brought INTO THEIRS.

One has to understand that moments are different. Weddings are different and hence one cannot replicate a moment from one wedding to another. Candid moments have to happen. If it is created and enacted then it loses its originality and charm. Therefore we try to be different in our approach to every wedding even though the customs could be similar.

The to – be – married couple have their own expectation. Except a few, no one really is shy and coy in front of the camera. They want to have a fun wedding – this extends more so to Photography since this is what constitutes the life time memories of their Special Day.

Transforming their ideas into frames that don t embarrasses them when viewed in future is where our expertise lies. Wedding Photography now a days is very competitive due to the high standards set. It requires a great amount of passion along with perseverance and creativity to sustain and establish one self in the long run.

To be a successful wedding photographer constant learning and innovation is a must. More importantly retaining the enthusiasm and the element of freshness in approach to every assignment is of supreme importance for giving outstanding output. In the end Choosing a wedding photographer is definitely a process to go through.

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