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Terms and Conditions

I would like you to shoot an event, how do I start the process?

Send us an email with the wedding date, venue and what services you are looking for, whether it is Traditional Photography or Candid wedding photography or Wedding Videography or Wedding Montage or wedding teasers or any other. We will respond by email or phone and when required, we can also meet in person to discuss further. You can also use our ‘Request for Quote’ feature in our website or send us a message in our Facebook page, to send in  the details.

What are the services you offer?

         •        Traditional and Candid Wedding Photography

         •        High Definition Videography

         •        Ultra High Definition Videography

         •        Cinematography

         •        Live Webcast

Do you cover only Weddings or other Events also?

We cover,

         •        Weddings

         •        Pre- Wedding Shoot of Couple

         •        Post Wedding Shoot of Couple

         •        Engagement

         •        Bride & Groom Portfolio

         •        Short religious events

         •        Birthdays / Anniversary Celebrations

         •        Corporate Events


How do you charge for event coverage?

Our charges are always based on your requirement and will vary depending on your coverage & service needs. There are no fixed packages available to quote off-the-shelf price. Reach out to us with the details and we shall give our quote accordingly.



With regards to Wedding Photography, what do you offer?

As part of Wedding Photography, we offer

         •        Event Documentation

         •        Candid Photography

         •        Pre- / Post wedding shoot of Couples

         •        Bride & Groom Portfolio


What is your wedding photography style?

Our team is known for unique style of Wedding Photojournalism which is influenced by art & creativity in every aspect of photography while narrating a wedding story through images.

Candid wedding photography is our style – not just in capturing moments but also in documenting the event candidly. To refer to our work, you can visit our Gallery and our Facebook page……………….



What is candid wedding Photography?

Candid wedding Photography is about capturing the spontaneity of a moment. Candid wedding photography has a photojournalistic feel that tells the story in the most natural manner

What do you offer in terms of Videography?

We offer,

         •        High Definition in 720p & 1080p

         •        Video and Cinematography Montage

         •        Wedding teasers

         •        Wedding invites

         •        Video and Cinematography Montage

         •        Wedding Cinematography

How far should we book in advance?

While typically we request you to book a good number of months in advance, we do understand it is not always feasible. We request you to book as early as possible. However, the bookings are always on First-come-first-served basis.


Do you have any geographic restrictions to extend your services?

No, we do not have any geographic restrictions. We don’t say no to a place on earth as long as work calls us!


How will we reserve our event date?

We will be able to confirm our services and block the dates once the advance is in place


Can we pay part before and part after the event?

It is usually 100% payment in advance. Of course, we are flexible depending on the services offered. However, design or processing of your images will start only after receipt of payment in full.


Do you charge extra for travel and hotel accommodation?

When our services are to be extended outside Chennai, we have to include travel & accommodation costs. Specifics of such arrangements will be mentioned in our quote on a case to case basis.


How many photos do you take?

Gone are the days of talking in terms of “number of photos” or “number of rolls” that a photographer clicks & delivers. In digital era, we shoot as many pictures as possible to ensure any / every good moment is captured. So there is no specific figure  or limit to the number of images to be shot.


What if I want more time than what has been agreed upon while booking your services?

No worries. Do talk /write to us clearly specifying your additional needs. We will let you know the additional costs if any and we can proceed on mutual consent accordingly.


Do we get all the photos that you shoot?

Except for those images which we feel are not printable or make  good viewing we hand over all the images. There is no restriction.


Can we see the photos before the album is printed?

Of course! We provide you with a user id & password to our secure online gallery where you can see the images from your event. You must choose from among those which ones you want it as part of your wedding album.


We also hand over all images in High Resolution in a Pen Drive


Post your selection, our design team will work on designing the wedding album. Once the wedding album design is ready with your selected photos, we shall provide you  with the link and login credentials for the sneak preview of your wedding album. Only upon your approval of the album design, will we proceed with printing.


How long does it take to get the wedding album?

Time frame of the album purely depends on the time you take to decide on the photos and for final approval of the album design. The longer or the number of iterations these two steps take, the longer the final album will take. Of course, in every stage, our team will be in touch with you to coordinate & propel things further.

Can I upgrade my wedding album or buy extra pages?

Yes, you can upgrade or buy extra pages, provided it is before the images are sent for designing. With additional pages and (or) wedding album upgrade, there might be additional costs to be borne by you. We shall notify the additional costs, if any, at the time of your request for additional pages / upgrade.

Who owns Copyright?

Copyright of all images and videos shot at the event remains with Photostrophe and its assignees. Photostrophe and its assignees can use any of the images, videos shot on behalf of the client for marketing or editorial purposes.


Do you shoot in RAW?

Yes, we shoot in RAW as it allows us the best quality and image detail for post-processing.


How long will it take to get our images & videos?

Our turnaround time for deliveries will be explicitly mentioned as part of our quote which is also dependent on the services you opt with us.



When will you arrive and how long will you stay with us on the event day(s)?

Our quote to you is always dependent on the time frame given by you for the event(s). Usually, we present ourselves half hour before the event at the venue. In case, you expect us to stay longer than agreed upon or the closing of the event extends beyond the agreeable time frame, we might have to charge you for additional hours. Our team at the ground will coordinate with you on this, if and when the need arises.

How many photographers and (or) videographers will be coming for an event to shoot?

Number of photographers and (or) videographers for an event will be decided depending on various parameters by us. It is also dependent on the inputs that you have provided us initially based on which we have communicated the quote to you. We do ensure that we have enough people on the ground to do the job.

Will you post the photographs online?

Yes, we do post the photographs online from any event. In case, you do not wish your photographs to be publicly visible, do let us know in advance and we shall take care of it.


How many pages and images do we get in our wedding day album?

Please refer to the quote provided to you based on your request, for these details. In case, you do not find such information in our quote, feel free to contact us on the same.


Do you provide the RAW files from the shoot you covered for our event?

We do not provide / sell RAW files/images.


What happens if my delivered media arrives damaged?

We take sufficient care to ensure that our choice of media, packaging etc. is best in class. However, when damages happen beyond the care taken, do give us a call and we shall work out an alternate solution.


What happens if I lose my copy of images / videos that were delivered?

Don’t panic! Do talk to us and let us see if we can arrange for another copy for an additional fee.


How long will you retain images and (or) videos from our event?

It is our prerogative to decide how long we will retain images and (or) videos from your event. We do not guarantee any specific time frame for retention, post our deliveries.


What is a Montage?

A montage is a synopsis of the entire event not longer than 4 to 5 minutes set to a back ground music / song of your choice. To Checkout our wedding montages please visit our Montage

What is Live Webcast?

Live relay of your event – be it wedding / corporate event, can be done through the internet for people who are unable to be physically present to view the proceedings.


What do we need to view the webcast?

To view the live webcast, one needs just a computer and internet connection at their home and the correct web address.


Can I choose the web address for my event?

Yes, you can choose the web address for your event. For weddings, typically, we recommend a web address of the form: For example: In case the specified web address is not available, we shall ask you to choose a different one.


How will the webcast be when we have breaks in between in the event?

Webcast can be done in sections and each section is 3-hour duration. So one can split and choose the sections for which you need the webcast.


How will you address technical issues during live relay?

In case of any disturbances in the relay, you can call on the telephone number provided in the page and contact us. Our technicians will do the needful for smooth relay.


How long will the domain be active?

The domain will remain active for a period of 12 months from the date of booking of domain and can be extended further on payment of additional fee. In other words you get to see the recorded version of event, any time and as many times as you want over the next 12 months.


Will you provide us with the coverage after it is done?

The streamed version of the event will be uploaded on to the page within a reasonable time. You can choose to have edited full videos in lieu of streamed version of the video. If you opt to have edited videos to be uploaded, then streamed version will no longer be available and will be deleted permanently.


Can the viewers add their comments to the live relay?

Yes, each viewer can record his / her comments to the live relay and share their emotions.


Force Majeure

No Party shall be liable in damages or have the right to terminate this Agreement for any delay or default in performing hereunder if such delay or default is caused by conditions beyond its control including, but not limited to, acts of God (such as hurricanes, earthquakes, flooding), fire, Government restrictions (including the denial or cancellation of any export or other necessary license), wars, terrorist acts, insurrections and/or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of the Party whose performance is affected. Should Clients’ Event be cancelled, postponed or otherwise adversely impacted as a result of a force majeure, there shall be no refunds for payments already received by us, but we will use all reasonable efforts to work with Clients to produce the Event at a later date if necessary, subject to our availability, and a substitute representative may be present on our behalf on the rescheduled date. Additional fees may be incurred as a result of a rescheduled Event. Should we incur loss / damage of data as a result of a force majeure, we shall be liable to refund the amount we have received from the client.


We are unable to proceed with the event as planned. How can I cancel & what are your cancellation terms?

If the client(s) cancel(s) any of our booked services before the event takes place, he/she can do so in writing to us. In such cancellation, we agree to refund the paid money less any expenditure / incidental or handling charges incurred such as advance booking of equipments to the client. The extent of expenditure and (or) damage will be determined by us.


What happens if the event has to be rescheduled? Will you still extend the services?

In the case of rescheduling of the event by the Client, we may go ahead to book the said date & time for other opportunities. With regards to the refund of money already paid, If the client reschedules the event for a future date, within the same calendar year and if we are available to provide the already agreed services on such a date, time & venue, then we shall amend the contract to this effect accordingly and amount already paid will be treated as Credit for the Client. In the event that the client reschedules the event to a future date and we are NOT available to extend our already agreed services, client will have to forfeit 10% of the paid amount as cancellation charges and the remaining amount will be refunded to the client. In case, we are able to get another booking under similar conditions on the cancelled date(s), we shall refund 100% of the amount paid to the Client.



What happens if you are not able to make it to the event as agreed? How will you compensate the Client?

In the unlikely event that Photostrophe is not able to extend the services to a client as agreed, for any reason, but not limited to, illness, injury, emergency or act of God, sudden event or other circumstances beyond the control of Photostrophe, a substitute team (dependent on the original contract) may be sent at no additional cost to the Client. This contract may be transferable to the substituted team. If the client declines the substitute, Photostrophe shall refund the entire amount paid till date to the Client.



We would like to engage you as additional photographers. Will you extend your services to us?

In the best interest of the Client to have the best output delivered, we do not encourage two separate teams to shoot the same event. We strongly recommend you opt only for one team. We, in Photostrophe, will NOT be interested to engage if a team is already fixed.


We find some of our people missing in your pictures/videos.

You know your family, friends, and relatives better. We are present only to provide the services and not to ensure if everyone whom you think is important is covered. It is up to you, as client, to make the best use of our presence at the venue and ensure that people whom you consider as important are part of the photographs and (or) videos. You must bring them to the stage or place of action and get them clicked. We will NOT compensate in any form for any of your people missing from the images / videos.


What are your other expectations from Client?

As professionals who carry out their work with sincerity and extreme passion we believe that we will be given complete freedom in terms of movement / angles / space minus any interference. We also request you to be patient with us for the deliveries as our creative minds are at work to provide the best. To us, giving the best of output stands foremost and we will not tolerate any hindrance in completing our task.

Why am I denied of your services?

We reject / deny our services on the following grounds:

         •        Non-availability of our teams due to already made bookings.

         •        We strictly DO NOT ACCEPT assignments if another set of photographers are also contracted to cover the event.

         •        We undertake to do Candid Photography alone but do not consent if there is another full team present at the event. This is purely for reasons of clash in lighting and other technicalities that will affect the proper functioning of both parties in giving their best in terms of freedom of movement and quality output. In case we are not informed about this fact earlier we reserve the right to walk out of the event premises with no refund of amount paid.


Will you deliver / ship the album abroad?

We are most willing to deliver / ship the album(s) abroad, if the client is willing to undertake the freight charges, at actual.

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