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  • Raghu Lakshminaarayanan


Candid Wedding Photographer is a new breed of photographers sprouting up,

taking advantage of the sudden rage for this genre of photography. Candid

Photography is enjoying popular patronage right now despite it being around and

practiced for ages. People are looking for change in everything.

The normal is boring now – not any more of the ‘Stand in a row’ – ‘Ready’ – ‘Smile’

and shoot process. They want the natural look in everything. To get it right each

time and every time that are Top 5 Tips a Candid Wedding Photographer needs to

know and keep in mind.

Candid is all about keeping it as natural as possible. To capture as ‘IT’ happens –

‘IT’ here referring to an action, an emotion or a thing in motion. With candid there

is no second chance. If the moment is missed, then it is missed. Faking it again in

the most natural manner can perhaps get you what you want. But the element of

spontaneity will certainly be amiss. In early times there was ‘the photographer.’ Then it became a little specialised to

being known as  ‘the Wedding Photographer’. Now a little more specialisation has

set in and we have the Candid Wedding Photographer. Candid photography is an

art by itself because it calls for expertise in a number of aspects put together in an


Mere technical skills will not help you get amazing candid images. For you need to

know when to freeze a moment with a split second decision. Likewise merely

identifying an amazing moment is of no use if you do not know how to compose or

frame it well. So sharp intelligence, definitiveness in focus and quick reflexes are

the primary pre-requisites that will make you a good candid wedding

photographer.Apart from these one will do well to remember these Top 5 Tips a Candid Wedding Photographer needs to know Right Equipment

Needless to say without the right equipment the exercise is futile. Have one or

more cameras with the best of lenses depending on the area of work .Go in for

good zoom lenses if you have the couple walking away from you or if they are

likely to be going to a distance at some point of time during the rituals.

Although not using a flash is seen as being best to work in an unobtrusive manner,

a professional candid wedding photographer needs to have a flash handy. Bad light

cannot be the excuse for missing an extraordinary candid. Check the parameters

and be in full preparedness all the time. No use in clicking an awesome image and

then realising that you have not changed the aperture from the previous shot.

Rapt Attention

This is perhaps the most important of the Top 5 Tips a Candid Wedding

Photographer needs to know. Be attentive and look for those big and small

moments that you know will definitely happen. For example the moment the

wedding vows are finalised there is sure to be an array of emotions exhibited by

the close relatives of the couple – be it joy, tears, sadness, ecstasy, jubilation,

cheering whatever.

Such moments are sure to be action packed with highly charged / emotional looks

and exchange of glances between the couple themselves. Being in anticipative

readiness of such moments is a must for a good candid wedding photographer.

Focus on the eyes of the couple while handling such intense moments and you are

sure to get some wonderful clicks for which they will be ever grateful to you.

If there is a photographer alongside you who is recording the wedding and

capturing the formal group photos that are mandatory be prepared to begin where

he finishes. Often the best of moments happen when people think that they are

finished with the posing and let their guards down and relax to be their natural



Just as you anticipate the drama that is to happen at the appropriate moments in

a wedding, another of the Top 5 Tips a Candid Wedding Photographer needs to

know is to familiarise himself with the close family members and those who matter

the most. Once you know who to watch out for, then most certainly you are

guaranteed of fabulous candid images.

Understand Customs

Having a thorough knowledge of the customs and traditions of various communities

/ religions / sects is mandatory. It helps in having an edge, staying ahead and

being in a state of preparedness. For example in a South Indian Brahmin wedding

an important event is the Nalangu where the entire family members of the couple

gather around and have great fun while the couple go about playing mock games.

There is scope for great drama and fun during this event. Similar is the drama that

takes place while the couple exchange garlands during the pre – Muhurtham

rituals. The Vidai ceremony – where the bride leaves her parental home to enter

her husband’s home is another emotion filled event. While personal and sensitive

moments are opportunities to get great clicks, it is also good to remember that

one must shoot without intruding into their privacy.

Be Composed and Compose

One more aspect that is stressed in the Top 5 tips a candid wedding photographer

needs to know is composure.Working without stress with a calm mind certainly

helps in getting great images. A candid wedding Photographer needs to have loads

of patience. Be quick on your feet and place yourself at the best angle to get

excellent perspectives.

Do not shoot all shots from the same angles. Change your position. Be attentive to

the sounds around you – like the sound of loud cheering or laughter. When there

are a group of people laughing there are bound to be lots of good moments to

capture. Moreover candid need not be limited to an individual.

A group of people can also be the source of amazing frames. It is how you

interpret each situation that matters.


There is never a dull moment in the professional life of a candid wedding

photographer. Every assignment assures one of new set of people, new

surroundings, new traditions & customs, new responses and new experiences.

Every candid shot has life since it conveys an emotion or expression. There is no

manipulation required since the image speaks volumes on its own. And no image

can be like another. That’s why boredom never sets in. It is always prudent to

remember and constantly keep in mind the top 5 tips that a candid wedding

photographer needs to know.

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