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  • Raghu Lakshminaarayanan

Types of Clients We Meet as Wedding Photographers in Chennai

A major factor determining a couples choice of a wedding photographer is the pricing. Wedding photographers in Chennai face a major drawback when it comes to pricing. Although Chennai is one of the four major Metros, people here are still a bit conservative when it comes to spending for wedding photography.

Till a decade ago it was the parents who were deciding all aspects of the wedding. The trend is now slowly changing with the couple opting for professionals of their choice for various aspects of their wedding. Where the couple are concerned they look more towards the work of the professional wedding photographer's work. The couple look to see if they can relate to or connect with the work of the wedding photographer and then decide. When they are convinced about the photographer then they do not mind a slightly higher fee. But if the parents were to choose, the bargaining factor always comes into play.

Once the wedding photographer is fixed next comes the interaction of the wedding photography team with the client. Wedding photographers in Chennai are generally used to long hours of work since weddings generally here for a minimum of a day or more only. Except for christian weddings most other communities have several events lined up prior to the wedding.

Some clients completely trust the professionalism of the wedding photographer and do not interfere with their style of working. Hence they give full freedom to the team to function and the photographers are extremely at ease to carry on their work. This is the ideal situation wherein the client reaps the rewards for the freedom given in terms of getting amazing images of the event.

Another type of client are those that keep interfering with the wedding photographer's schedule and keep instructing them on how to proceed. This upsets a completely professional team who know how to go about their work. When professional wedding photographers are treated like amateurs it hinders the smooth flow of work and knocks off their creativity completely.

One more set of clients that one encounters as a wedding photographer in Chennai are the over cautious ones. They will ask the photography team to turn up hours before the actual start of the event fearing that they may be late. Such assumptions lead to a lot of irritation since wedding photographers are a creative set of people who love to do their job and not sit idle. Endless wait will kill their enthusiasm and affect the final output, which is definitely not what the client accepts.

It is very important to realise that wedding photographers are artists first and not just another vendor offering a service. The entire wedding is to be recorded by them for posterity and it is essential to make them feel comfortable and work to the best of their capacity. Clients for their part need to do their research well before fixing the wedding photographer. Once fixed they should trust them implicitly to deliver. #weddingphotography #bestweddingphotographersinchennai #candidweddingphotographers #rituals #traditionalphotography #eventdocumentation #client #artists #shots #frames #eventphotography #coup[leshoot #preweddingshoot #postweddingshoots #moments

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