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  • Raghu Lakshminaarayanan

Wedding Photography : Drone Filming

The latest addition to any wedding photography package now is Drone Filming. Most people look at it as more of a 'Sh

ow Off ' as[ect than understanding whether it is feasible or even practical to include it.

Drones help you achieve great output in terms of wedding photography and videography as long as the wedding venue is conducive for its use. In Indian Weddings the stage is always crowded with relatives and friends making the job of a wedding photographer a little difficult. In such situations drones help us capture important moments with great clarity and the top angle gives the images and videos a very beautiful perspective

Drone filming can produce great results while capturing outdoor events. Also when the gathering is huge drones help us in capturing sections of the crowd with great detail.

Use of drones in wedding photography comes with a lot of responsibility, with a lot of norms to be followed.

A detailed inspection of the wedding hall including its height etc are very very important in determining the use of a drone . A drone can give you unbelievable images and videos - far beyond what a human can do, if used creatively

Location of the wedding hall is very important for using drones. The Civil Aviation Authority has come up with certain rules that one must adhere to before using a drone, Licenses are required and strict adherence to rules is a must to avoid legal issues.

If the wedding hall is located near sensitive Government buildings or Airports then permission will not be granted to do drone filming in weddings.Some venues do not have the requisite height for use of drones indoors Drone filming at weddings needs to be done with a lot of care, since many guests tend to get annoyed with the drone hovering around their head

When used with imagination Drones can bring out outstanding images and videos.

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