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  • Raghu Lakshminaarayanan

What Really Interests A Candid Wedding Photographer ?

Indian weddings are events that a candid wedding photographer looks forward to. Reason being that weddings in India = huge guest list with a few exceptions, colour, emotional moments, dramatic elements, bonhomie, music, dance etc. There is nothing organised or somber about Indian weddings whatever be the scale of spending. It is celebrations in the true sense of the word.

A candid wedding photographer is expected to capture moments as they happen – as naturally as possible without a trace of artificiality about it. A wedding is the perfect setting for this with no dearth for excitement, being eventful by the minute. By candid we are not talking only about the couple but the entire gamut of friends, relatives and guests. So basically, the content for a candid wedding photographer’s work is intact in weddings

A few decades ago we never had a dedicated candid wedding photographer at all and the term was unheard of. It doesn't infer that 50 years ago there were no candid photographs at all. The approach to weddings and wedding photography was minimalist with importance given to the rituals and main traditions. The film – roll technology did not allow for much experimentation.

After digital photography came in it has completely revolutionised candid photography. The option of taking unlimited images gave the freedom to capture as it happened and this element of natural behaviour was widely acclaimed and looked forward to.

Candid photographer or candid wedding photography is a term recently coined.  Now a days we have a candid wedding photographer assigned separately to just cover the guests and the couple, their expressions and interactions.

In a wedding except for the Reception where the couple are expected to greet the guests from an appointed stage, every other event is a candid wedding photographer’s delight. Then again there are exceptions. In a reception  when the couple follow the style of going around the hall greeting the guests there is plenty of scope for candid photography.   

Right from the moment the couple and their families arrive at the venue and welcome the guests there are loads of emotions to be captured. Hugs, reunions, tears of happiness, festive dressing, emotion filled rituals – you name it and there are 100’s of moments to freeze. At times, a candid wedding photographer even feels he alone is not enough when he should capture amazing moments at break neck speed happening all around.

Candid Photography, Candid moments
A beautiful freeze during an Indian Dance Art - Bharathanatiyam

The Sangeet or Baraat are events exploding with candid moments. So is the Main rituals during the Muhurtham like the Kanyadaan in Hindu Weddings. And the Bidaai ceremony is another drama packed event with the bride being seen off by her family to the groom’s place.

Except for perhaps Christian and Muslim Weddings where the proceedings have a tinge of sobriety, all types of Hindu weddings are packed with moments and hectic activities that a candid wedding photographer loves to click. When it is about the couple there are plenty of expressions reflecting their frame of mind that can be caught on camera and hence Indian Weddings are always a huge challenge to tackle for a candid wedding photographer.  

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