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  • Raghu Lakshminaarayanan

Wedding Photography Packages

Budgeting for wedding photography is a complex issue as far as Chennai as a major metro or even Tamil Nadu as a state goes. People here are still conservative without much awareness on the technical development aspect of photography. Clients largely go by word of mouth references for wedding photographers and are quite scared to experiment.

It is only in recent years that we find couples insisting on photographers of their choice and their suggestions are accepted by the parents with great trepidation. A standard question that is thrown at us when are first approached is- what are the packages you offer.  Wedding photography as a profession has not found its rightful aka respectful place barring a few exceptions. Wedding photographers are still seen as one more vendor present to deliver a service.

Thanks to the mushrooming of amateur photographers with very little professionalism into the wedding photography scenario, the credibility and creative capacity of true professionals stands questioned. It is absolutely important to understand that no two weddings are alike. Whether it is in terms of rituals or religious practises or duration of weddings – every wedding has its unique characteristic and requirements. Hence a broad-based term like ‘package’ can never be offered to a client by any sensible wedding photographer.

By wedding photography package some refer to the other allied aspects and deliverables like wedding videography, wedding albums etc. If that is the case then the term is rightly used. But most of the time the pricing or quote is confused as a package by most. The duty of any wedding photographer is to enlighten the client on aspects they are unaware of. This is what we do too.

We try to make the client understand that there are various aspects to the quote like type of cameras, style of photography & videography, details of output and finally the various types of albums based on which the costing will differ. While most prospective clients are open to such information and understand our pricing, there are clients who are steadfast on sticking to their one liners like – For an earlier wedding in the family we were charged only this much.

Each professional wedding photographer offers different costing. We are not here to question that. But the fact that the client is out looking for a different professional clearly indicates the dissatisfaction with the earlier photography team. Hence arguments like these do not hold any substance.

We as professional wedding photographers are open about our offerings. If the client has a budget we understand their constraints and help them decide on what will be the deliverables to that budget. To us every client is important immaterial of the price they pay. To us it is all about the client connecting with our style of work, giving us the required freedom to function unhindered and deliver the best with in that.

To us as professional wedding photographers with a name to reckon with we deliver only more than what we promise. To us the wedding photography package as the client terms it, is never a block to giving our best and our dedication or commitment is never stimulated or regulated by the financial aspects to our coverage. 

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