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  • Raghu Lakshminaarayanan

Selection of Wedding Photographs for Wedding Albums

Selecting images for the wedding album once the wedding images are handed over to you by the Wedding Photographer is an interesting task. That is only if you are an creatively inclined person who wants the wedding album to look like a piece of art. There are some who due to their own tome constraints do not care much about what goes into an album and generally are ok with a standard format of covering all the events with a few close-up shots.

The task of selecting images becomes herculean if your wedding has been shot by a professional wedding photographer or someone rated to be amongst the top wedding photographers in Chennai or even India. For every image shot will have a beautiful story to it, like a piece of art. In that case you will want every image to be included into the album and limiting them to a normal 40 or 50 sheet album becomes a huge task.

A wedding album should tell a concise story of what the wedding was all about. Apart from covering the rituals and traditions it must contain images of the people important and close to the bride and groom who will impact the couple even decades after the marriage.

Wedding albums should look like story books and hence treated so too. Just because you have beautiful images does not mean you dump all of them into the album. The viewer will definitely flip through the album quickly due to boredom. It should be made of images that have a deep significance to you even when you view it 20 years hence.

A good wedding photographer whose approach to work leans more on candid photography will look to shoot every image in a unique fashion. When you have a whole set of wedding images shot in the most spontaneous and natural manner selection of images again becomes an issue. But shortlist the images and filter them further to get the best into the album

A good wedding photographer is a creative artist and the testimony to his / her work is evident to the public only through the album. So the album should be strikingly beautiful in terms of design and content. In case you have problems in identifying the images get the help of your candid wedding photographer.  Discuss at length. Select sensibly and get the best. 

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