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  • Raghu Lakshminaarayanan


Weddings conjure up images of varied types of rituals accompanied by a lot of color, grandeur, emotions, sound and bonhomie. Wedding Photography is all about capturing dramatic moments that unfold without a warning and last for not more than a few seconds. The unpredictability factor is what makes Wedding Photography so challenging.

At PHOTOSTROPHE It is this challenge that drives our passion for being different from the rest and think out – of – the – box. Every assignment is a test of our creativity, reflexes and technical skills. What we desire is to make each event a unique one, to be spoken about and remembered for a life time.

To be successful, Wedding Photography must strike a balance between event documentation & capturing candid moments.

The skill of the photographer lies in capturing moments in the most unobtrusive and natural manner. And for this in – depth knowledge of the rituals and ceremonies followed by every community is a must. Traditions are diverse in India. Hence preparation and study from this angle becomes imperative. A strong point with us, we can say in all modesty.

We have covered all types of weddings from the simple to the ostentatious – from traditional Tamizh Brahmin weddings to Chettinad Style weddings: from the short Kerala style weddings to the grand Telugu weddings;  from Rajasthani weddings to beach side Goa weddings; from Nikaah / Walima to Baptism & Church Weddings

At PHOTOSTROPHE we firmly believe that even the routine pics can be clicked differently. We take care to see that even   Event Documentation [which is nothing but recording the rituals as they take place] – is done in a creative manner so that the boredom factor does not set in.

A stolen glance, a shy smile, an amazed look, a stifled tear – are all moments waiting to be captured as Candid Pics. Once gone these moments cannot be enacted again because then the magic of the moment that occurred naturally is lost.

What makes the client seek us out from the whole jamboree of wedding Photographers is because of our comprehensive approach and clarity that we give in our presentation.  Our approach is to add life to every click. Our Candid Photographs recreate the magic of the event every time a pic is viewed, long after the it is over.

Long after an event is over photographs are the only means to bringing back those precious memories. At PHOTOSTROPHE we make every smile & every moment a special one.

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