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  • Raghu Lakshminaarayanan

Stick to one set of Photographers

” Stick to one set of Wedding Photographers” is a sound advice that needs to be followed by everyone who is looking to contract wedding photographers for an upcoming wedding / event in the family. There can be nothing more demotivating for a wedding photographer when he lands up at the wedding venue than to know that there is going to be another set of professionals who will be shooting alongside him. Clients fix up two sets of Wedding Photographers knowingly and unknowingly. Either way they fail to realise that they are the losers in the final audit. How?

Read on.

Wedding Photography has become a specialised genre in recent times thanks to an amazing array of gadgets that are available in the market. Digitalisation has brought in a gamut of cameras and lenses into focus, giving the impression that anyone can be a photographer. The trend now seems to be that once you have all the specified lenses you can call yourself a wedding photographer.

The belief has led to many amateur wedding photographers cropping up. This is indeed good if the competition is healthy and of good quality. What happens inmost cases is that these amateurs have no clue or knowledge of the technical aspects needed wedding photography. They use fancy terms like candid wedding Photography etc and there are clients who get carried away by this sweet talk.

Clients at times knowingly fix two sets of photographers thinking that they will get the best of both. They do their own research and come up with their own conclusions. They contract one set for candid wedding photography and another set of wedding photographers for the customary pics.

Unfortunately wedding photography does not work that way. Wedding photography requires a certain type of lighting and each photographer works within the framework of the style adopted by him. When two sets of wedding photographers work in the same place it not only creates constraint in space but clearly brings about clash of interest in terms of output.

Where normally you will have 2 photographers you will now have four of them trying to fit themselves in. Finally both of them will not be able to give the amazing shots you were looking for simply because professional rivalry will be at the helm of affairs and they will be busy plotting on how to outshine the other. Same with videographers. So please stick to one set of wedding photographers.

On most occasions in Indian Weddings it is the bride’s side that contracts the wedding photographers to cover the wedding since it is paid for by them. The groom’s side – just to show their superiority – go ahead and fix their own photographers without informing the bride’s side and this is the beginning of the confusion.

The bride ‘s side has no option but to go along with this plan in order to not antagonise the other party. One more instance where people don t realise the importance of why they need to stick to one set of photographers

A Wedding Photographer is an artist who needs a certain amount of freedom to bring out the best of his creativity.

When that focus is lost and he has to constantly think of only fighting for space his concentration will not be on the event. Will you contract two sets of caterers and allow them to cook from the same kitchen in a wedding? You know clearly that too many cooks will spoil the broth.

When you do not employ two caterers why do you contract two wedding photographers and wedding videographers? Photographers and Videographers are the ones who record your memories of this memorable day.

Their documentation is the only evidence that you can refer back to after many years as to the proceedings of your special day. Isn’t it then important that you give some thought to it? This is why we say stick to one set of wedding photographers.

This is the reason why we at Photostrophe refuse to take up an assignment the moment we know that there is going to be some other wedding photographer shooting along with us. This unfortunate dilemma has occurred to us a number of times.

This is not only embarrassing but irritating as well. More so if the so called ‘professionals’ happen to be just amateurs who have little knowledge of lighting. They either end up duplicating all our angles and ideas or come in the way of the smooth flow of work.

Weddings are generally full of eager guests – close family & friends – excited to participate in the rituals happening on stage that has its limitations in terms of space.

While some of the guests realise the importance of our work and allow us the freedom to work efficiently most people hate to be told to move or stand aside when we need to get certain angles. So they create trouble for us by refusing to move and what ensues is a-not-so-ideal situation where we have to either be stubborn about getting our way or give in to their tantrums and lose our angles. Either way it leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

Imagine when this type of a situation is combined with an additional set of professionals also butting in to do their work. What results is chaos unlimited.The audience that is seated in the venue hardly gets a chance to view the proceedings since their vision is completely blocked by the numerous heads on the stage. In the end no one is happy.

That is why we advise you to stick to one set of wedding photographers.

When you plan a wedding ensure you research and fix the best photographers for the event. And ensure that only one set of photographers are on the job. Brief these photographers about your requirement and also get an understanding on the style of their work. This will lead to a harmonious association that will give you amazing clicks of the event in the end. It is always prudent to stick to one set of wedding photographers and work towards getting the best team.

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