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  • Raghu Lakshminaarayanan

Punjabi Wedding Reception

Punjabis are known to be great hosts and fun loving people. No event of celebration in a Punjabi household is complete without great food and drinks alongside peppy music and dance. And when it is a Punjabi wedding one can certainly look for these and more.  

The celebration mode was  in high pitch at the reception of Swati and Manjyot at the Hyatt Regency. As wedding photographers covering the event we looked forward  to great candid moments and were surely not disappointed. The warmth with which the guests  were welcomed and looked after - to a sumptuous fare of drinks and dinner - was amazing.  The formal reception and traditional group photos gave way to a night of dancing and revelry that was so infectious that the music played on till well past midnight with never a dull moment with the beat of the bhangra. The energetic spirit of the guests sure had an effect on us to as we danced our way to click.  The photos bear ample testimony to the wonderful evening the guests were treated

by our client. Long live and God Bless this beautiful family that spread so much happiness all around.  At PHOTOSTROPHE we believe that wedding photography is all about recreating magic moments to last forever. We revel in capturing the candid with the same intensity as depicting the traditional details whether it is through the wedding photographs or through the wedding film. Do check out our wedding photography work spread over myriad traditions and nationalities and connect with us to make your wedding memories magical. 

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