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  • Raghu Lakshminaarayanan

Candid Wedding Photography : Getting Ready Shots

Weddings vary in terms of rituals and traditions and hence no two weddings will be the same. However as wedding photographers we look at every wedding as a story – a fairy tale. Hence mere documentation of the evens is not something that appeals to us greatly. Our approach to a wedding is to make it memorable for both families in some

 unique manner.

Getting ready shots is a concept is an innovation of and greatly popularised by PHOTOSTROPHE. This is basically about capturing the moments before the actual events begin – the candid way. This basically consists of the make–up session of the bride and groom and how they  go about n looking their best for the Big day.

We have the make up artists at work and we try to  be as candid as possible in capturing the moments. We stay unobtrusively in the back ground and shoot the fun moments shared by the bride and groom with their friends and close family.

Given sufficient time we also try and shoot the trousseau and jewels of the bride. This is a sort of documentation of the fashion statements and trends of the times. And 20 years hence when the couple look back  at these it is sure to bring back pleasant memories of changing times.

Getting ready shots are  not restricted to the  bride alone. Grooms these days pay a lot of attention to their looks and grooming. They appoint stylists and make up artists to set their hair and give them the required beauty treatments. It is a wedding photographer’s delight to capture these moments where all moments are natural – the nervousness about wanting to look good, the anxiety about trying a new style, the happiness when everything falls in place, the presence of friends teasing the bride or groom and so on.

Getting ready moments offer a lot of scope for candid photography since we capture images as they happen. Nothing is enacted. But one difficult factor every candid photographer has to handle is the presence too many relatives and friends who crowd around and deter us from doing our job. They fail to realise that the bride or groom need to be given their space and privacy.

As wedding photographers we give our best to every wedding and request every couple to give us enough time to get these getting ready shots before the actual events begin. Since Indian weddings are full of events that are held in succession time management is the essence and of great importance. These moments cannot be brought back and these behind the scenes images have far more value in terms of spontaneity and being natural.

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