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  • Raghu Lakshminaarayanan

Best Wedding Photographer in Chennai

What does it take to be amongst the Best Wedding Photographers in Chennai?

Well perspectives differ. But a general consensus on what tantamount to being

placed among the top few, points to qualities that separate the ‘Best’ from the

ordinary. Professionalism, Creativity, Out of the Box thinking, Technical Skills,

Imaginative perspectives and intelligent approach are a few that instantly come to



Wedding Photography has transformed into a huge business proposition over the

past decade. Yesteryears saw the transition from black and white to colour, from

film to digital cameras, from external flash to use of strobes & remote lighting

control, from a fixed lens to specialised ones and so on.


What now exists is on the lines of an industry with crores being expended for

professional photography services all over India. While many, mediocrity being

their own folly, stay put at one level, many have taken this art form to meteoric

heights through their creativity and skill.


An understanding of the following mentioned qualities will make it clear as to why

a handful remains at the top:



At Photostrophe we firmly believe that Professionalism is the single most

important quality that can get you a spot amongst the Best Wedding

Photographers in Chennai. Display professionalism not only in the way you treat a

client or handle the finances but also in the way you carry yourself. A true

professional should be more seen – through his images and otherwise through his

pleasant demeanour – than heard.


It always helps to be smartly dressed and presentable with a good body language

that gives confidence to people that you will be successful with the job on hand.

Weddings are events exuding great positive energy and one must reflect the same

energy and enthusiasm at work. Throwing attitude or disrespect to the client never

endeared anyone any time.

Be organised and clear about your style of work and deliverables while you

connect with clients. A good rapport created always works to one’s advantage in

clinching deals.



Wedding photography sustains on being different and creative every time, all the

time. Any one with a fair amount of knowledge can click photos now, thanks to the

wide range of spectacular cameras with extraordinary features that are available

for the asking. So what sets you apart from the ordinary? To stay ahead of

competition and get into the league of the best wedding photographers in

Chennai, creativity alone can help.


Reason being – creativity is unique to each one and no one can steal it from you.


Creativity should not be confused with manipulation using any of the modern post

processing tools. Creativity should be displayed in terms of shooting the subject in

a unique manner and presenting it as it is sans any processing. That is the quality

of a truly talented photog.


It is this creativity that led us to be chosen among the 20 Best Candid Wedding

Photographers in Chennai by




Out of the Box Thinking

Where wedding photography is concerned the basic rituals and traditions remain

the same and need to be adhered to. One has to respect them and shoot within

that framework. So nothing different or revolutionary can be attempted here.

What, however, can be done is presenting the same rituals and traditions in a

different perspective.


Make it interesting to the viewer. Even an oft repeated / seen custom can spark

fresh interest amongst the viewer if one adopts a new approach in capturing it.

A good photographer has to constantly think and innovate. Chennai is a

conservative market as far as wedding photography is concerned. Clients do not

wish to spend too much for photography services unless you justify that your

quality of work is worth the pricing. We can proudly say that this perhaps is one of

our strongpoint that has placed us among the Best Wedding Photographers in




Technical Skills

No doubt the skill of the man behind the camera can by far over shadow any

sophisticated equipment. Still in order to get the best output for a brilliantly

composed shot one does need to  possess necessary technical skills. One has to

constantly update oneself on the latest information. For information is knowledge.

And knowledge certainly will help you add that extra zing to the best of images.


Photography is all about lighting and educating oneself on the best lighting

techniques is a must to tide over competition and stay ahead as a professional par



Imaginative Perspectives

Gone are the days when people appreciated and settled for what was available.

Now a days clients are far better educated on the nuances of photography and are

ready with references for the kind of output they want. Be it a wedding or a pre –

wedding shoot or a post wedding shoot the images must instantly create a connect

with the person viewing them. 

Being imaginative and experimental in your approach can only help you become

one among the best wedding photographers. Although customs and traditions have

remained unchanged every couple expects their wedding images to be unique. So

try new angles, varied lenses, give an imaginative twist to a particular movement,

place your lights differently – just innovate & experiment.


For example the tradition of throwing rice balls during the "Oonjal" ceremony of

South Indian Brahmin Weddings has been there since eternity. Photostrophe can

humbly claim to have revolutionised the way the entire proceeding was caught on

camera. This particular style of ours has easily endeared us to most clients as one

of the Best Wedding Photographers in Chennai.


Intelligent Approach

Equip yourself with not just the best equipment but also the knowledge to tackle

clients of all ages, taste, religions and communities. Have in depth knowledge of

all types of customs and traditions. This is the best way to impress upon

prospective clients that you really do know your job. It allows them to instantly

feel a common ground to discuss about their requirement. Understand and work to

the needs of the client. Assess their likes and communicate effectively so that there are no discrepancies in expectations that could leave both parties in a state of disappointment.


It is tough to be identified as one among Best Wedding Photographers. It takes a

lot of sincere and hard work. It also places a lot of responsibility of getting oneself

equipped towards growing further and giving the BEST to the clients.

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