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Wedding Photography

Christian Wedding
Bipin Weds Ann Mary

Christian Wedding Photography

Bengali Wedding
Bipasha Weds Aayush


Naidu and Pillai Wedding
Jaya Weds Saran


Iyengar Wedding
Shiny Weds Rajesh


Tamil + RajputKamini weds Nitesh


Thevar Wedding
Akshiitha weds Parthiban

Akshiitha Weds Parthiban-803

Malayalee Wedding
Neena Weds Anish

Neena Wesds Anish-666

Muslim WeddingSabiya Weds Amanullah

Sabiya Weds Amanullah-619

Traditional Iyer Wedding
Jaya Weds Saran

Wedding Photographer in Chennai

Tamil Muslim Wedding
Nasreen Weds Azhar


Telugu Wedding
Deepa Weds Naveen


Dawat- e-WalimaKaleem With Rumana


Wedding Photography in India

Wedding Photography in India is unique as well as challenging for the sheer variety of rituals,events, colors,number of guests, time span involved when compared to most countries in the world.

With digitization and technical advancements in equipment, the freedom to experiment has grown multi fold, making wedding photography more imaginative and creative. Mere event documentation is no longer accepted.

We at Photostrophe can proudly say that we pioneered the trend to make each wedding unfold like a story through images.

Indian Weddings

Even age old rituals and traditions that are a part of Indian Weddings are given a fresh perspective and imaginative angle that makes it interesting for the viewer long after the event is over.

We work with high end equipment but rely more on the creative prowess of the photographer. To us a Photographer is a photo artist looking to transform dramatic moments into amazing memories for posterity. In Indian weddings there is no dearth for drama and emotions.

Wedding photography at its candid best is what we aim for. Spontaneity lends charm to wedding images and the element of artificiality is something that we detest. This is the reason why we do not over process or manipulate images to create something anew.

We have detailed discussions with the client in knowing their expectations and customize our workings to suit that.

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