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In recent times a lot of misconceptions have given rise to terms like candid photography and traditional photography. There is only one kind – that is wedding photography.

The word Candid has been used as a marketing strategy to mislead clients. The mark of a good photographer is to click all images candidly except in the case of group photos where a certain amount of posing is required.

As one of the leading wedding photographers in Chennai, Raghu believes in avoiding any kind of artificial or monitored shots. The element of spontaneity is that which adds value to images and Raghufirmly believes that this can be achieved only through candid photography.

Raghu believes in being futuristic. He ensures that the Videography teams use High end Video Cameras, output from which is of high calibre and great clarity with edited versions being rendered in 1080p format.

Raghu Lakshminaarayanan has in fact made a mark in wedding videography as well, with value additions like a wedding montage – hitherto not a common feature, as in, montages shot by using high and video cameras.

A wedding montage is a concise clipping of the entire event/ wedding edited to last anywhere between 4 to 5 mins with appropriate back ground music. These montages are shot in cinematography style using high end video cameras to bring down the cost factor and make it affordable to clients. This is another first and a feather in Raghu’s Cap.

Raw Video files are never given away and only edited versions are handed over to the client.



Cinematography is done using DSLR cameras at weddings for creating short films, montages or trailers.
They are not an alternative for Videography and mostly used alongside video cameras, for the flexibility they offer in terms of angles, perspectives and movement.

High end DSLR cameras are very expensive and wear and tear factor very high, making cinematography an expensive proposition for most people.
Being light on the hand they can be moved at will even with space constraints and produce high quality output that is a class apart.

Being extremely creative Raghu has the penchant to choreograph amazingly well – knit wedding montages with the entire family involved in short stints through interviews, dances etc.

Destination Weddings as the term suggests refers to having the wedding at a place of personal / historic / picturesque interest.

It could also be held at a particular destination to fulfil vows or as part of a family tradition

Destinations chosen could range anywhere from an ancestral home in a village, resort, temple, beach house, Mountain abode, Islands or any place away from home.

Having widely travelled globally, Raghu easily takes on the challenge of destination weddings – whether it is India or abroad

He believes in doing his homework thoroughly in studying the lighting of the venue and other elements that may pose a challenge.



Albums are the final testimony of any wedding photographer that impacts the viewer. Hence Raghu believes in giving great importance to the design and printing of wedding albums.

He believes that every album should tell a story and not be a jam – packed cluster of wedding photographs

He discusses at length with the client on the varieties available to them in terms of paper, types of album books, dimensions of the book, ideal number of sheets and images, materials used for cover designs etc.

There is no dearth for creativity and clients have an array of album types and designs to choose from. There are albums where jewels are made to pop out with 3 dimensional effects.

Drone Filming

– Use of drone cameras at weddings is done to get dramatic angles and amazing perspectives.

Jimmy Jip

– Jimmy Jip is generally used at weddings where guests lists and wedding venues are huge and need to be covered extensively. They offer an unhindered coverage from above eye level

Live Webcast of Events

– Live webcast of events is done with an online viewing period of up to a year. Exclusive website for the couple is designed for this purpose.

LCD & LED Screens

– Depending on the requirement of the client we make arrangements for these at strategic points.


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