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Pre / Post Wedding

Pre / Post Weddings

Ashmiita With ParthibanChennai

Prewedding Ashmiita With Parthiban 3

Wedding photography now a days has extended its arms to pre wedding events like Sangeet and mehndi and the latest fancy to catch every one’s attention is the inclusion of Pre Wedding shoot into the schedule.

Pre Wedding Shoots At Exotic Locations

Pre-wedding shoots are essentially shots of the couple taken at beautiful locations in the absence of and away from the curious eyes of family and friends.

Where love marriages are concerned pre-wedding, shoots assume special importance since there is a story line to follow in the shoots. The wedding photographer gets to plan the shoots based on the love story of the couple bringing in locales of importance to them – where they met the first time, where they proposed and so on.

And since the chemistry is already there it is easy to get great candid shots. A candid wedding photographer cannot ask for a greater opportunity to show his skills.

In case the of arranged marriages, some couples are not too comfortable in front of the prying eyes of friends and relatives and hence prefer private shoots where they can a good portfolio of exclusive couple shots.

There are couples who look for pre wedding shoots at exotic locations and hill stations. In that case we plan our schedule in such a way that the wedding and related events are no affected.
We land at the location a day ahead and study the lighting and look for special locales to shoot the couple.

Pre wedding shots also help us – wedding photographers – create a rapport with the couple which helps us work in an amicable atmosphere during the wedding.

In post wedding shoots it works the other way round. The couple are used to our presence and almost understand what is expected of them and give us opportunities for some great candid moments.

Right from planning the color of their dresses we work to a plan.

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