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Raghu believes in being futuristic. He ensures that the Videography teams use High end Video Cameras, output from which is of high calibre and great clarity with edited versions being rendered in 1080p format.

Raghu Lakshminaarayanan has in fact made a mark in wedding videography as well, with value additions like a wedding montage – hitherto not a common feature

A wedding montage is a concise clipping of the entire event/ wedding edited to last anywhere between 4 to 5 mins with appropriate back ground music. These montages are shot in cinematography style using high end video cameras to bring down the cost factor and make it affordable to clients. This is another first and a feather in Raghu’s Cap.

Raw Video files are never given away and only edited versions are handed over to the client.

Original audio is included wherever requested for by the client.

Raghu works with an extremely talented set of editors who give their creative best to each project.

Services Offered Include:
Wedding Videography
Wedding Montage
Wedding Teasers

Animated wedding Invites which are customized to a story line that suits the personalities of the couple or relates to the story behind their wedding can also be done

Priyankka weds Prashanth

This montage was shot using Cinematography. Cinematography is done using DSLR Cameras which allows us greater mobility and variety of angles while shooting. This is especially useful while we shoot close ups of emotional moments or highly dramatic dance moments where space restrictions are there.

Sruti weds Shyam

Sruti and Shyam were a delightful couple to shoot.Very expressive and forthcoming we had several great moments to capture. This wedding montage was shot using video cameras.

Karthika weds Ashwin

When you have a bubbly bride and a dashing groom with a no holds barred attitude we have loads of opportunities to get amazing visuals. We did their montage using video cameras.

Manasi weds Karthik

In this wedding both families enjoyed the wedding and gave us ample space and time to cover the proceedings. So we were able to put together their montage using videography.

Bipasha weds Aayush

This was an action packed wedding with a lot of pre wedding rituals happening. So video cameras were deployed at various venues. And we decided that we would go with video cameras to put together the wedding montage.

SabiyaBanu weds Amanullah

Muslim weddings are a challenge to shoot since they are a long drawn ones with a lot of relatives surrounding the bride and groom at all times. Intrusion by the photography & videography team is not welcomed much and it is a real challenge to make one’s way through people and capture candid moments. Hence we managed to do this montage using video cameras.

Neena weds Anish

This was a beautiful wedding that had the main rituals happening at the temple followed by few others at a different venue. With restrictions at the temple coming into force use of video cameras seemed a prudent decision for shooting clippings forte montage.

Babitha weds Santhosh

Shooting clippings for a wedding montage through video cameras is an innovative strategy adopted and popularized by Photostrophe.This has helped in making wedding montages affordable for clients. We shot this wedding in Tirupathi and the team was in shoot for 24 hrs non stop with the wedding happening in the early morning hours.

Ranjani weds Kaushik

This montage was shot using video cameras. Ranjani and Kaushik gave us the song after the wedding. But being a very lively couple it was not difficult to dig into the clippings and get the right ones to suit the song.

Deepika weds Rahul

This was a fun filled wedding as the visuals are here to see. Deepika and Rahul wanted a combination of instrumental and vocals as the back ground music and we enjoyed putting together the montage

Kalpana weds Vijay

Given the space and time a good montage can be put together with the help of videography. Video cameras being slightly bulky cannot be moved quickly from one angle to another and requires talented set of technicians who can shoot all important moments.That is the challenge we face especially in South Indian Weddings where the rituals are many and there is always a huge crowd of relatives surrounding the couple. But Kalpana and Vijay cooperated so well to give us some excellent moments.

Prahelika weds Srivats

Right from, Sangeet this couple enlivened their surroundings, presenting us chances to shoot some great clippings for the montage through video cameras. And we were more than happy to do it.

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