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Destination Weddings

Destination Weddings

Dinesh Weds AnithaChettiar Wedding,Chennai

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Destination Wedding Photographers

The concept of destination Weddings although not new has gained tremendous favor with couples more in recent ties than ever before. The need to make one’s wedding special and something out of the box are some of the more important reasons for this growing popularity.

Destination Weddings as the name suggests refers to having the wedding at a place of personal / historic / picturesque interest. Or it could just be without any specific reason or importance attached to the destination – result of a flight of fancy. In earlier days weddings were performed in temples as a fulfillment of some vow undertaken by either of the families.

Destinations chosen could range anywhere from a resort, temple, beaches, mountains. islands, airplanes, yachts or any place away from home. Wedding photographers face great challenges shooting such weddings in terms of space and lighting. If its outdoor then a certain manner of lighting is required. If its indoors as in a temple with limitations on permission to shoot or carry equipment we need to plan well ahead in order to get good shots.

Traditional Wedding Photography

We have done several weddings in centuries old traditional houses ( Chettinadu, Karaikudi, Tirunelveli, Kerala) in several smaller towns and cities and have had to come up with innovative thinking with regards to our light set up without disturbing the traditional ambiance.

We work on a plan and inspect the designated venue well ahead of the wedding date and plan our strategy. Every destination wedding poses interesting challenges to us which we love to take on and use our experience and creativity to good use.

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