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Cinematography is done using DSLR cameras at weddings for creating short films, montages or trailers.
They are not an alternative for Videography and mostly used alongside video cameras, for the flexibility they offer in terms of angles, perspectives and movement.

High end DSLR cameras are very expensive and wear and tear factor very high, making cinematography an expensive proposition for most people.
Being light on the hand they can be moved at will even with space constraints and produce high quality output that is a class apart.
Being extremely creative Raghu has the penchant to choreograph amazingly well – knit wedding montages with the entire family involved in short stints through interviews, dances etc.
Given proper time and freedom Raghu is known to create wonderfully edited short films that have won him accolades and repeat clientele world over.
Cinematography is used for shooing:
Wedding Teasers
Wedding Montages
Video Invites
Short Films

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