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Dinesh Weds AnithaChettiar Wedding, Chennai


Cinematography is done using DSLR cameras at weddings for creating short films, montages or trailers.


They are not an alternative for Videography and mostly used alongside video cameras, for the flexibility they offer in terms of angles, perspectives and movement.

High end DSLR cameras

High end DSLR cameras are very expensive and wear and tear factor very high, making cinematography an expensive proposition for most people.

Being light on the hand they can be moved at will even with space constraints and produce high quality output that is a class apart. We explain the salient features to the client and leave it to their discretion to opt for it.

We use cinematography for

Wedding Teasers

Wedding Montages

Video Invites

Short Films

Wedding Clippings

Where wedding montages are concerned couples generally like to have a song of their choice set as the background music for the wedding clippings. Generally we like to have the song a week ahead of the wedding to enable us to chart out a story board. It helps us plan our shots and clippings accordingly.

But sometimes we have to back work with songs being given to us post wedding. In such cases the brilliant creativity of our editorial team comes to the fore. Either way we are passionate about giving the best to our client.

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