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Candid Moments

Candid Moments

Kamini Weds Nithish


Candid Wedding Photography

Candid wedding photography is all about capturing moments as they happen, without a warning. The quality of images is highly dependent on the focus, presence of mind and skill of the candid wedding photographer.

A candid wedding photographer cannot let his guard down even for a moment because in weddings, especially Indian weddings, there is no dearth for drama, emotions and feelings being expressed multiple times by multiple people.

Indian Weddings

Indian weddings as such are packed with rituals with deep rooted meaning on human bonding and hence have emotions running high. So not a single moment is to be missed – whether it is between the couple, between friends, families, parents – every moment is special.

People look their best when captured spontaneously. if they realize that they are on camera they get self conscious and stop being natural. Raghu Lakshminaarayanan is an expert in capturing such amazingly candid moments in the most discreet manner. His work makes people wonder as to where he might have possibly positioned himself to get these astounding clicks.

If we are rated amongst the top candid photographers in Chennai it is purely due to the merit of his brilliant frames.

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