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Albums are the final testimony of any wedding photographer that impacts the viewer. Hence Raghu believes in giving great importance to the design and printing of wedding albums.

He believes that every album should tell a story and not be a jam – packed cluster of wedding photographs

He discusses at length with the client on the varieties available to them in terms of paper, types of album books, dimensions of the book, ideal number of sheets and images, materials used for cover designs etc.

There is no dearth for creativity and clients have an array of album types and designs to choose from. There are albums where jewels are made to pop out with 3 dimensional effects.

Raghu never allows compromises on album quality. Clients are often carried away by cheaper options available in the market not realising the long term durability factor.

To Raghu every album is a life time investment for the client, through which they live through the memories over and over again.

He guides them in choosing the right number of images and they are taken into confidence at every stage of design. Their approval is sought every time and the final product turns out to be just what they ordered for.

There is no kind of manipulation or extrapolation unless requested for by the client.

Some type of album books on offer –

Flush Mount Books
Neo Flush Mount Books
Premium Books
Standard Books
Coffee Table Books

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