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Post wedding shoots in traditional wedding attire is a part of every wedding. So what is so important one may ask? Everything about a post wedding shoot of the couple is important to every wedding photographer. Not only to wedding photographers but to the couple as well.

The wedding is an important event for the couple. Prior to the wedding a lot of shots of the couple could be taken individually or together but after images taken after solemnization of the wedding have great significance. It is capturing them at those moments with their emotional reactions to the event.


While the rituals are on there are plenty of relatives and friends always around them. The couple are never left alone and all frames are full of people around them. So, the images look crowded and right from the attire nothing is clearly visible of the couple except in parts.

Any it is not any event that can be enacted or reproduced o another day. As wedding photographers that is the reason why we request every couple to give us some exclusive time for shooting them. Once the wedding Is formalised the couple also tend to relax and loosen up. And they are in a good mood to smile and give their best to the camera.

Relatives and friends of the couple should respect this and allow the wedding photographers to do their work. Whether it is the Muhurtham or reception time the couple are always under pressure to move on to the next event. A little planning is all that is needed to make time for photo shoots.

As wedding photographers we look forward to our exclusive time with the couple. We let them be natural and click our share of candid photographs. Our advice to every couple/client is to give us those few minutes so that the couple have no regrets later on. They would love to cherish their photographs in the wedding costume forever. As professional wedding photographers it is our duty to freeze their best moments for posterity.

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