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Top Wedding Photographers – Misguiding Online Ratings

Top Wedding Photographers – Misguiding Online Ratings

The hunt for good wedding photographers is something that is on top of the agenda for most couples planning their wedding. Google seems the easy way out for most and they go by what they read. This is not to say that this method is entirely wrong.

The only problem is, off late, with increasing competition resulting from hundreds of ill equipped and inexperienced photographers jumping into the field of wedding photography it is not too difficult to get carried away by made up reviews and reports.

The general impression is that wedding photography is quick money. This tempts a lot of half-baked photographers into taking to wedding photography as a full-time profession. They pay scant attention to the fact that is it a lot of sustained hard work.

They resort to all types of paid publicity to get the required rating that will help them top the list when to-be-married couples scout around for wedding photographers online. Plenty of not – so – worthy websites that stand by these cheap activities support this endeavor and get payment to list all and sundry as top wedding photographers in Chennai or whichever city.

Such websites put forward attractive packages which are taken up by these upcoming photographers in order to get false reviews praising their work.

Innocent clients unaware of this go by what they see without waiting to verify facts and fall a prey to mediocre work and disappointment. This is not to say that all top rated wedding photographers are not genuine.


When you are looking for the best or top wedding photographers to contract them, go through their portfolio in detail and check the authenticity of their credibility certificates. It is very important for the couple and the professional photographer to connect and establish a chemistry to get outstanding images of the wedding.

One should connect with the work of the wedding photographer and like his style of delivery. Word of mouth recommendations are perhaps the best way to choose your wedding photography.  Because wedding photography is not just about what happens on that day. All deliverables are an important part of the full package.

Right to the album design and video editing the style of the wedding photographer must align with the client’s likes. If a photographer claims to be an awardee of some prestigious award please take time off to check its genuineness.

It is always better to have a detailed conversation about your expectations and come to a mutual understanding. After all it is an important day for the couple – something which cannot be compromised on.


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