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Wedding Photography : Pre Wedding Events – SANGEET

Wedding Photography : Pre Wedding Events – SANGEET

Wedding photographers love drama of any kind. The challenge lies in capturing dramatic moments since certain events give great scope for such  candid moments, Sangeet being one of them.

Pre- wedding Sangeet involves a great deal of music, dance and lot of fun in general. It is more as an occasion to celebrate the upcoming wedding by both families pitching in to create an atmosphere of joy and celebration.

As one of the top candid wedding photographers in Chennai we enjoy the shoot at a sangeet. It is because all actions are spontaneous and there is no artificial or posed moments to cover. The spirit of the occasion catches every one’s mood and there is fun and frolic all around.

When people forget themselves in gay abandon it is action time for us. We get great moments to shoot when people literally let their hair down, giving wonderful  moments for a candid photographer

Week long weddings were a thing of yore. Or so we thought. The trend is back again with elaborate events being added prior to weddings.These events are not  necessarily traditional in nature. They are more in the nature of socializing – of families getting together

These get together are also in a manner of getting to know the respective families of the bride and groom. As wedding photographers we look forward to these specially planned Mehndi, Sangeeth & Bachelor / Bachelorette parties .
Candid wedding photographers  never had it so good in terms of facing amazing challenges as far as these pre wedding events are concerned. For one youngsters these days expect a lot and the couple want their event to be extremely unique and not run of the mill types. So they keep looking for means to make it different be it in terms of themes,venue or even food.
If the couple are a fun loving type with a huge gang of friends then they normally opt for a dance floor and a DJ to take things forward. If the Sangeeth is more of family with a shy couple to boot then a lively MC who can draw people out of their shells and create an atmosphere of ease and comfort is our connecting point. Either way we get our fill of candid photography.
When everyone involved is the fun loving types we have specially created photo booths with a lot of attractive props that really give way for hilarious moments. Everyone wants to be photographed in the most weird manner and there is non stop riot of laughter around.
Pre wedding events like Sangeet are enjoyed in a relaxed manner and hence help us in creating a rapport with the couple. They get used to the presence of photographers and to the idea of being clicked and hence are not too camera shy at the time of the wedding. It helps the wedding photographers in getting better images that are spontaneous.


After a while the couple actually enjoy being shot and hence it paves the way to get amazing candid photographs.  Good photography is all about being spontaneous. Photography at a Sangeet gives you loads of such moments.
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